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I’m so glad that you’re taking the steps to create a healthy, happy home environment for your cat. My name is Marlinda and it is my mission to help guide you in making well-informed decisions in regards to this task.

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What Are Outdoor Cat Enclosures?

By nature, cats want to be outside. Of course, the outdoors isn’t always the safest place for our cats to be so many of us resort to keeping our kitties indoors (much to their dismay).

Outdoor cat enclosures are structures designed to give your cat outdoor time in a safe, spacious environment. Their designs are varying.

Some can be small and compact while others can be large and complex. No matter the design, your cat will enjoy being outside in the fresh air, watching nature and having the chance to engage in nature as well!

Benefits of Outdoor Cat Enclosures

There are many benefits to outdoor cat enclosures. While I won’t go into details here, I will touch on a few highlights such as:

  • health
  • behavior
  • territory

Outdoor Cat Enclosures Can Improve Health

Much like getting outside benefits our health as people, it benefits your cat’s even more. The fresh air, scenery, and sounds of the outdoors help to stimulate your cat’s instincts in very positive ways.

Outdoor Cat Enclosures Can Improve Behavior

One positive impact will be on their behavior. You might notice your cat displays some strange or unwanted behaviors.

And I’m not talking about the regular strange things cats do. I mean behaviors like extreme aggression, defecating all over the house or/and not eating regularly that are clearly unnatural.

When your cat isn’t allowed to partake in natural things that it wants to do like be outdoors, it can cause ill feelings to build up inside of it.

I want you to think for a minute how you feel when you can’t get to do things you want or if you’re stuck in the house too long because of bad weather. You start to feel pretty trapped and negative, right?

It can be the same for your cat and even worse because they don’t get to do it!

So by simply adding even a small unit to your window to let your cat get some escape, can dramatically improve their demeanor and behavior. You might experience dramatic shifts in your cat.

A once crabby cat can become loveable and cuddly by simply giving him/her this safe time outdoors.

Outdoor Cat Enclosures Can Increase Your Cat’s Territory

Cats are territorial hunters. They roam a specific radius.

This is true for both males and females. Not having enough territory can also cause unwanted behaviors.

Like cat trees add vertical territory, cat enclosures can also add to your cats’ territories.

What You Can Expect From OutdoorCatEnclosures.org

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  • information on building materials, tools, etc.
  • and more!

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